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Chans cars,independently owned, family run, motor dealer in Sutton, London. ChansCars are experienced suppliers of excellent condition pre-owned cars and in this site you will find information on the latest selection of quality used cars available for sale. ChansCars offer you the best price for pre-owned cars for private individuals. You can be guaranteed that the cost of the used cars on ChansCars is competitive.

At Chanscars, we also offe advice on service, MOTs and repairs on all used cars, new cars and any models. We buy cars from the best owners we knew ourselves. All our cars are HPI checked to provide complete piece of mind against outstanding finance or insurance write off. We are constantly developing to remain one step ahead of the competition. No hard sell on cars as we believe quality products always sells.

See how we have done over the years

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In these 10 years of trading, we have sold many quality cars. Before starting this business, we made all research, competitor analysis and we decided on the key points that would make us stand out from everyone. Adding quality and good price to a used car would make any one buy it. We pick selected cars that are in excellent condition to sell for our customers. Its only by selling quality cars at affordable price we were able to sustain even during recession and stepping into our 10th year now.

All cars advertised for sale were sold quickly than we expected. We established good customer relationship by introducing warranty, finance, part exchange and selling only quality cars.

All cars HPI checked

All cars are HPI checked

All the cars we sell here are HPI checked to make sure its clear of any theft, insurance write off and finances. To achieve our mission of being the leader in motor trading, we sell quality cars to get customers good will and selling quality used cars is our vision. You are guaranteed of quality used cars.

When you come to buy a car from us, there is no choice. All cars are HPI clear. A 100% check is done to make sure its clear of any theft, insurance write-off and outstanding finances. We do the same check to the source from where we receive cars. We buy it only from reliable source and a complete check is done to make sure we are buying a quality car so we sell the same to our customers.

All cars are cleaned and well maintained

Our cars

We understand the value of money and always keep the cars at high standards. Cars are manually cleaned, checked on daily basis. Proper tools are used to perform the cleaning. A routine checks are made for all cars once in a week. The cars are always locked and kept in a highly secured CCTV monitored place.Safety measures are in place to protect the cars from adverse weather conditions. We got a better safe roads to perform test drive.

As we understand the value of time , all documents will be in place and the car will be in perfect condition for you to go on a test drive. We are located in a busy place with a Tesco superstore and a mcdonalds just next to our place. We are sure you would have a friendly atmosphere in here.