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Is it the money that’s stopping you from buying a car with us ? If so, not to worry, we can arrange for car finance with London and surrey Motor Finance. Please fill in the form below and one of the representative from London and surrey Motor Finance will be in contact with you. Please note : You are submitting this form to London and surrey Motor Finance. This website doesn’t store any of the details filled in this form.

About London & Surrey Motor Finance Ltd
London & Surrey Motor Finance Ltd has been established for over 30 years and has a superb ‘hands on’ team with over 50 years of underwriting experience in the motor finance industry. We offer credit facilities for motor dealers who offer finance options to their customers.

We write business from all across the UK but the majority of our business comes from dealers in London and the home counties.

London & Surrey Motor Finance Ltd (LSMF) is a mix of Prime & Non-Prime business which we broke to our panel of funders. Being a finance company we have the unique advantage of being able to write business ourselves, mostly of the sub-prime variety.